Lincoln City, Oregon



9:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Don't forget to pick up a key at the Front Desk

What better way to relieve the stress of the day than to soak in the indoor, heated pool and spa at the Ashley Inn of Lincoln City.  Both the pool and spa are maintained at the optimum temperature to relax sore muscle aches and pains.  And because we know how important a great water experience is to your stay, we use salt water which is more buoyant for the young swimmers and milder to the skin for all.  It doesn't affect your hair color, it does not cause your skin to feel dry later, and it will not cause your swimsuit to fade as highly-chlorinated pools do.

Our pool is maintained at a warm 83 degrees year round.  And, our hot, bubbly spa is kept at 102 degrees.   There is ample seating and lounging furniture for you to make yourself right at home. But, please observe the pool rules posted for your safety.

A Luxury Pool and Spa Experience